The week so far

The highlight of Monday was a random 'I'm coming over' from my chum, I love those!  The door went and I yelled 'COME IN' a few times and muttered under my breath, 'why the fuck is she standing at the door' before stomping into the kitchen half dressed (top half) pulling my trousers up only to be faced with our delivery man.  'Morning' and smile like a woman in control.  I took my new chicken trough and mentioned the weather before slamming the glass door and shaking my head at myself.  Of course she wouldn't stand at the door, what was I thinking!  Ach well it made her laugh when she arrived.  


The dude had a hospital appointment which went pretty well, he is right where he needs to be weight wise and on top of that he was really cooperative.  I'm ever hopeful hat he will out grow his allergies, F.P.I.E.S is crap!  To celebrate and because I was feeling brave he had a McDonald's Fish finger Happy meal which he was super delighted with until he realised it came with a book and not an emoji movie toy.  Totally my fault and to be honest I deserved the one and a half smooshed up bits of fish finger and left over chips he threw at me from the back seat.  Cheers dude!


Felt a bit crappy this morning after sleeping on Miss A's floor for the last two hours of the night, however, took myself off to the hygienist, who had to give me a wee poke when I closed my eyes for a little too long between polishing my teeth with that delicious orange flavored paste stuff.  Whats the deal, are you meant to close your eyes at the dentist or are you meant to keep them open?  I always close my eyes because I don't like being watched when I work but then I have drifted off a couple of times, I'm curious to find out what other people do?   


Found a tenner in my pocket when I was looking for my coral lipstick-its still missing.  Used it to pay for my lunch when I met my first ever friend.  We had hot coffee and fun chats - I love catching up with her and we never seem to do it often enough.  


Chatty chap on the way home from nursery, 'Mummy turn that song off I want to tell you all about something that happened at my nursery'  all ears darling, hit me with it.  Massive conversation about feelings, empathy and winning/losing followed.  I felt quite proud of how expressive he was and how well he understood his feelings.  Always good to talk about how you feel, even when it is sadness about your rocket losing a race just before tidy up time.  He even came home and ate some fish for tea, I felt on top of the world about that until I discovered that he was running through to Miss A's bedroom and spitting each partially chewed mouthful onto her bean bag.  Why?  No honestly, why would he decide that was a cool thing to do?  Whatever, we cleaned it up together and I said if he has to spit out food it has to be into a hand/tissue or a toilet.  


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    Adrian (Wednesday, 13 September 2017 12:57)

    Brilliant. I came home to Daddy Daddy, there are 4 parcels! Can we Open them? Unfortunately no chickens. Where do you get your chickens from? Have agreed Jamie can get a couple in the spring. Are they on Amazon Prime?

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    Mrs Madhouse (Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:14)

    haha, our chickens were a gift from a friend but we are having chicks next spring so if Jamie can hang on while you build some amazing multi story coop we will be happy to give you some babies of your very own!

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    Adrian (Wednesday, 13 September 2017 21:28)

    I just told Jamie and he is leaping about the house delighted!!!

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    Mrs Madhouse (Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:48)

    Bless him, take him over to visit my girls! If he saves some scraps for them they might give him an egg or two x