Baked Camembert


If your kids are also pushing you to the edge, or if you just like cheese you should totally give this a go its ace and really easy.


What's in it...


A box of Camembert

Fresh rosemary (I was a total knob and picked mine from the garden but you can get from a shop)

Garlic cloves

Ground pepper

Olive oil 


What do I do...


Shove your oven on to around 180 ish

Take the cheese out of the wrapper and pop it back in the box.

Use a knife to put lots of crosses on the top of the cheese.

Peel a couple of garlic cloves and slice them i half top to bottom.

Stick your garlic pieces and the rosemary sprigs into the crosses you cut in the cheese.

crack some pepper on top then drizzle with the oil.

Put the lid back on and put it on a baking tray then stick it in the over for about half an hour (but just keep checking till its all jiggly)


You can serve this with bread sticks, crusty loaf or toasted slices of bread but I bought a partially baked baguette, sliced it up and put garlic and rosemary slices in the cuts then drizzled with oil before baking as usual.  


Let me know if you try this, what you think of it and share your photos too x

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