Mad Friday

I know actual mad Friday is a long way off but wow Friday was a little bit crazy!  


Friday is Hippotherapy day for us (physio therapy on horseback).  We love it but its a trek, I collect Miss A from school and travel almost an hour away for it.  


To start proceedings I cut my finger, on a razor which was in my make up bag (no I don't shave my face, although sometimes it could do with it) I'm thinking it was chucked in there during a tidy up or to keep away from a child, I don't know, all I do know is that I sliced my fingerprint off and it hurts like hell.  Worst of all I can't even blame Boris for it because it will absolutely have been me that chucked it in there.  Found some plasters and off I go, usually I prepare a packed lunch for Miss A as she has to eat in the car but today I wasn't really 'on it' so after I got her I went to our local playbarn grabbed a takeaway 'kids bucket' and a coffee for me (that was the motivating factor to be honest).  Off we go and despite having just had her play time piece Miss A devoured her packed lunch before we got to the stable yard.  She was super well behaved in the car, enjoying her food and chatting away.  









Lesson went well, she worked hard, used her voice and made me as proud as she always does.  She was so delighted with herself today because she put her riding hat on without help.  


I love her determination to be independent. That's our girl!



Now, this is where things go down hill.  She worked hard, meaning she is tired, grumpy and therefor going to take it out on me.  I should add that because she needs supervision while eating and sometimes a little help she sits in the front seat for Hippotherapy days.  Time to head back to school.  Irritated that her food is finished and by the fact that she is done riding little Miss Monster comes out.  I really must apologise to any residents who find her empty paper bag or my tesco club card which she managed to fling out the window en route.   I closed the window  before she threw her water bottle at the glass and splashed herself in the face.  SO that game was it was the radio.  Max volume, off, max volume, down, up and down.  hazards on, 'NO, that is dangerous stop or I will park the car and move you into the back seat' (totally don't have time for that thank god she stopped).  So she carried on with the radio and enjoyed blasting a variety of tunes from, Mr Blue sky (reminding me of a friend who said your car is your recording studio sing your heart out! We follow her advice every day) to 'Park life' and 'One way or another' which made me feel a bit Coyote Ugly but my rendition didn't manage to distract my misbehaving audience the way the girls did on the bar in the film.  


Got back in one piece (only a couple of threats to leave her at the side of the road which she thought was hilarious) and as always, she is full of smiles and cuddles again, 'See you home mum, caio!' as I slump in to my seat feeling ready for another coffee and some silence!  


A couple of hours to get through all the chores, washing, dishes, chicken feeding and their daily chat, bla bla bla.


HOME TIME, not fun today.  A LOT of screaming and chucking.  Somehow no matter how far I put things out of reach, Miss A uses her 'go go gadget' arms  to grab them and break/throw/use them as a weapon.  


There are bits of mince in my hair - I did not put it there, I also had snotters wiped on my cheek, not even my sleeves, hair would have been better than my actual skin ON MY FACE!  


I put off bedtime knowing how shit it would be, which it was as it took about 2 and a half hours.  To be fair it could have been worse especially as its Friday and both kids are missing their Daddy.  Since writing this post I can confirm that approximately 3 hours of sleep was it for the night.  


So kids in bed I decided to make myself a treat for tea. I'll share my recipe cos there is no way only my kids drive their parents to cheese.  This was interrupted by the dude who stormed into his sisters room telling her 'Daddy isn't home tonight stop shouting on him!'  Back through to settle Miss A AGAIN and tuck the dude back into bed.  


I'm currently doing that thing where you are too tired to move to your bed (and you shouldn't anyway cos there are things that still need to be done.)  So I'm just staring and sitting wishing the washing would hang itself out, the car would pack itself and my bed would come to me so I don't have to move!


Tomorrow is a day trip away in the car so fingers crossed everyone gets a good sleep and is rested.  At least seeing daddy's face will cheer everyone up. 

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    Thomas's dad (Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:14)

    So that's were thomas gets it from. We just spent a week in a holiday resort with a first floor balcony overlooking a posher rooms deck. Many things Thomas thought would be good to lob over the railing including, hat times 2, new sunglasses still in packaging, towel, water squirrel and wait for it a chainsaw. Thankfully a toy plastic one. Boy below enjoyed the new toys from the heavens.

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    Mrs Madhouse (Thursday, 28 September 2017 10:49)

    Fantastic! We have never chucked a chainsaw yet, that's a good one!