took some time to celebrate


Day 2 we chose to do some Kayaking.  The weather looked grim but by the time we got to the water it couldn't have been more perfect.  We went to this activity with bestie Jane and her crew which meant that no one wanted to come with me in my Kayak.  My son skipped off with his bestie and hopped into a seat, 'bye then!' Miss A was forced to share with me because the seat for her was in our kayak.  Again NOT happy about being restrained in a seat, she wailed.  I helped her lean over to splash the water but she was just not enjoying it.  Offered her a paddle (which I KNOW she enjoyed throwing away last time) but no she was having none of it!  As we paddled our way round the beautiful, would be tranquil if not for our kids, resevoir, the dude got to see his waterfall on more than one occasion and was absolutely delighted.  Stopping right next to it gave Rich a chance to put Riley's (Jane's oldest kiddywink) life jacket back on a couple of times.  Our crew were calling into the woods and searching for Gruffallo.  We tried some singing to cheer up little Miss grumpy bum and even some biscuits and then stumbled upon the answer... 'What would you do if...Daddy was here?'  Well we all know what Miss A would do, 'CHUCK IN!' We went round and round every single person we know and love in the world and I am afraid to tell you that not a single one of you, no matter how special and dear to us you are, is getting to stay in the boat with us.  You all get chucked in like Riley's glasses and should expect to sink to the bottom.  Rich who took the other boat out did mention that he remembered Miss A wearing Glasses but we didn't even bother taking them out of the car because if I had I would have been as well throwing them in the water myself!  We went under a bridge and enjoyed the echo of 'AWESOME' we also enjoyed roaring up to the man on top of the bridge, 'Hello manny, WAVE' and he did.  We lost the race back to the jetty, the closer we got the louder the dude got, 'Mummy, I'm hungry, Mummy I'm cold, MUMMY I WANT A CUDDLE!'


Thanks so much to the ever patient Craig who listened to us chucking everyone we know in the water for a long long time. He was also really good and finding Gruffalo and paddling everyone around while we tried to deal with our children/break up fights between the two strapped in their seats who manged to glide past each other for just long enough to grab handfulls of each other's hair nothing unusual and they do love each other really.   Everyone had a really good time although we did feel bad when we reached the cars looked back and noticed that we had ALL just left the paddles behind for Rich and Craig to pick up, sorry guys!  


Quote of the day, 'you know what would make this magical fully accessible activities for all holiday just a little bit more enjoyable?  If we could come on it without our kids!' 



Back to the Chalet for some lunch and play time for the wee ones.  They actually played together really well while we all munched our way through the afternoon to the sound of giggles and Boss Baby.  



Us mums really enjoyed how well our exhausted kids behaved in the afternoons and took full advantage of the time.  Washing on, a wee tidy up and a full roast dinner prepared with lots of coffee and biscuits thrown in for good measure and cos its the holidays.  As well as being better behaved they also ate really well!  they all demolished their food and asked for more which was just brilliant to see.  


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