This stuff is so drinkable!  


I got my Kilner dispenser in the Rage during the summer months - it was under £20 and I love it!


I like to make this up a good few hours ahead of time so that all the flavors marry together.


The recipe changes depending on what I have lying around but this is roughly it.

Whats in it...


2 bottles of Spanish red wine (I mean no one would die if it wasn't Spanish)

Half a bottle of OVD Rum

Half Bottle of Spiced rum (stick in what you have, I think real Sangria had Brandy in it but we are Pirates in this house so prefer to Rum.  Perhaps add less spirit if its for during the day or if you are slightly more sensible than we are)

2 table spoons of sugar

A small bottle of fizzy orange or cloudy lemonade

A carton of Orange juice

An orange

A lime

A lemon

An apple



What I do...


So I chop my fruit and chuck it in the bottom of the jar.

Add all the liquid and sugar then stir

Chill until you are ready to serve then add the ice give a stir and enjoy!


This stuff always goes down well, guests love that they can just help themselves int heir own time.  You can go as slow or as fast as you like.  I know its really a summer drink but it really brightened a chilly snowy November weekend up for us.  Also when you make it during the winter you can just chill it outside saving you loads of fridge space! 


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