Friends of Mrs Madhouse




Frazzle Dazzle are handcrafted hair accessories– alligator clips, hairbands and bows made at home by my chum Lisa Edward.  


Miss A's very first hair clip was a FD one and we just love them!  


I have known this lady since around 2011 and I'm totes in love with her style and confidence.  Ach she is braw, OMG and those 2 Little Frazzle girls now what a pair of wee crackers!



This fantastic creature is basically my first ever friend.  Our mothers lived in the same area and we met at just days old.  We remained close throughout our fun childhood of sleepovers, caravan holidays and birthday parties.  Lots of mischief was made together, I mainly remember laughter!  

As we left primary school and moved into senior school Joanna moved away and we lost touch.  I was utterly delighted when she randomly got in touch with me years later and as with all true friends we really did pick up from where we left off.  The chat flows the laughter still comes and one of the best things about seeing Joanna again is that I got to meet her son who not only looks exactly like her as a child he also has that wonderful, daft, silly, fun filled character that makes every second of being with him full of joy  She has just had another baby, a girl this time who again is her double.   She has such an inspirational work ethic and is a beautifully positive person.  Another, stand up non judgey, kind amazing mum who I love to spend time with - never enough of it together but we grab what we can! x







Well, where do I even begin. 


The Doghouse crew are the best thing that has ever come out of my starting a Blog. 


Scott and I happened upon each others blogs back in 2017 and just knew we were destined to be friends.  Our families share the same sense of humour and I couldn't believe my luck when I found out we lived 10 minutes apart!  I was worried for a while that they were too cool for me but when he called me 'the right kind of eejit' I knew I had a friend for life.  


His videos make me actual LOL and he even didn't hold a grudge when I stole his pants and took them on holiday with me, or when I attacked him with a baby bath in his sleep, that's friendship!


He is more than just an utter fanny though, he is a talented author, blogger, podcaster and all round good guy.  He is also a wonderful Dad and then best person to have around when your kids are misbehaving because he will just make them laugh and forget that they were ever grumpy.  


The Roobs and I have plans for a commune of rainbows and unicorns where we all wear PJs all the time and everyone is happy.  If you are not a dick and have a sense of humour you can totally come join us. 


Scott is an ex Bouncer though so If your name isn't down...



If you watch just one thing by Scott please make it be this

 How to get a toddler ready for bed




Mr Tuckwell, my daughter's future father in law!  


As well as making these amoozing coos and being a decent chap all round (particularly excellent choice of wife I have to say), this would be the man who finally shoved me into creating a blog, by doing it for me!  Cheers chum and sorry for embarrassing you in front of your bus pals with my classy whistle, I promise to stop and give you a lift next time.


Bestie Jane - this woman is an absolute gem of a mentalist.

She loves my children like her own and I love hers in the same way.  Our families merge together so well and the chaos is always fun.  A woman who will roll her sleeves up and get on with anything, she is unshockable and will always offer help when I need it most.  Kind, generous, slightly violent with her shows of affection, a fan of a bad smell, we both get withdrawal symptoms if we don't see each other enough.

Guilty of some 'legendary' behavior when under the influence and always ready to wind Boris up in the funniest of ways - this woman rocks.  

On top of all of that I am SUPER proud of her, she is an extremely talented artist and a friend that makes me smile daily.