After school routine, standing frame and snack

What we do every day after school, Allissa comes home and i pop her in her standing frame for snack time. This was filmed on a day when it was just the 2 of us at home to make the video a little more chilled.

What we have bought for our 8 year old's Birthday!

What we have bought for Allissa's 8th birthday. She can be a difficult girl to buy for but I think we have nailed it this year and can't wait to watch her open them!

Weekly Food Shop & Meal Plan

Just me popping to the shops to snort some toiletries and prepare for the week ahead. I’ve gone through my meal plan for the week for our family. My first real attempt at editing, hoping this will be the hardest and it’s all down hill from here! X

Our Family's Festive season.

Quick catch up from us about our holidays, our struggle with sleep deprivation, Epilepsy and attention seeking siblings. x

Christmas Eve Box on a budget!

Our Christmas Eve box cost under £12 and feels just as magical!

(not including the cheap Christmas pjs I picked up last January)

Teachers gifts...

Love them or hate them we all think about them around this time of year. What’s your view? What’s the craziest gift you have received, the nicest or the most touching?

Allissa's story part 1

A really difficult one for me to fillm, I struggled with the content and my attempt at editing in short I made an arse of it. Never mind this is the most light hearted part of the story so despite my anxiety I'm just going to put it up!

Allissa's Story Part 2

Eeek! This is the tough one.

I didn't want to spend a day editing and make you wait so I might go back and edit this later.


Its been hard to go back to these memories and the more I talk the more I remember.

Get in touch if you have any questions about wheat happened :) I know I've missed bits out and just rambled my way through but that's what happens when you don't scrip or plan eh! x

Boris has corrected me on the date we came home, it wasn't my mums birthday it was a few days later.

Meet Allissa Part 3

Final part of Allissa's first chapter. Please get in touch with any questions.

First ever YouTube Video!

Just a quick recap from our weekend, piss up, housework, candle making, kids yoga, homebargains chat 🤓 just a recap of what we have been up to over the weekend