Miss A


This girl!  


Her hair is always messy no matter how hard I try, it looks neat for approximately 30 seconds.  Not that she cares.  She is the funniest, cuddliest most tenacious girl I know.  SO full of love and laughter, a really happy child.  She is hard working and a stickler for routine and rules (when she buys in to them).  She is super smart and constantly surprises all of us.  


She loves her friends and likes to include them in our daily lives, face time allows this (so sorry about those 5am calls guys but she loves you!) a huge Topsy and Tim fan, she also enjoys singing and horse riding.  She has a wicked sense of humour and will laugh until she vomits if you trip or stub your toe!  Her memory is phenomenal and she  is super sociable.  She gives THE BEST CUDDLES, proper squeeze the life out of you, pat you on the back bosies!  Her favourite colour is purple,  she is charismatic and has the ability to make most people fall head over heels in love with her.  Bossy beyond belief, she knows what she wants and basically wont rest until she has her way.  She is a real challenge to parent but she wont change so I have had to up my game and make serious changes myself.  


She is an amazing kid especially because of the challenges she faces.  She suffered brain damage before she was born (unidentified cause) and as a result has Cerebral Palsy.  This means her movement is affected, she cant yet walk but is pretty good at getting about.  Her speech is getting better every day.  She also uses Makaton sign language and PODD book to communicate.  


I kind of feel like my whole life has been preparing me to be this girls mum and she is my ultimate purpose in life.  She has changed me as a person more than anything else. She is a kid you really can't parent, you just have to cling on for the ride and enjoy the laughs.  She makes me so so proud every single day as she continues to storm her way through life.


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