The chooks


Sir Cocky McCrowsalot of the house Diggler, the rooster of the North, first of his name, Father of chicks and protector of hens.

First things first I must introduce you to our Rooster.  He joined us on the 8th of March 2018 and isn't he handsome!

We are very excited to see if he does his job and provides us with the excitement of chicks for Easter.  He enjoys standing in the middle of the girls as high as he can, protecting them all day and crows loudly to alert them of anyone's presence.  What a gent. 


The children have been very excited to welcome our rooster, Allissa did tell her dad, 'Mum get cock now' the night I went to collect him.  This was an excellent sentence for her with her limited speech, however, did require a little explaining.

These 6 ladies joined us this summer (2017) full of personality and character, they provide us with delicious eggs every day, we still find this exciting and always remember to say, 'Thank you'.

Princess Layer (cos she layers me loads of eggs) - My girl!  She is the most beautiful all Grey and stomps around like she owns the place, doesn't involve herself in the other chicken's banter she just does her thing.


Coco Pops - Miss A's Ginger chicken, she also happens to be the cheekiest and naughtiest chicken who bullies all the others.  This one is definitely in charge and isn't it funny that Miss A chose her!?! 

Coco Pops had  fair old adventure one day involving Pixi and ending in the building of  a Chicken physio center and weeks of recovery.  


Empress Wu - Daddy's chicken she is black and pretty boring to be honest and seems to be the everyone picks on, I feel a bit sorry for her.


Dog - This is the Dude's chicken, she is a bonny girl she has black feathers and  a brown bib.  Being allergic to eggs the Dude tells everyone that she lays him biscuits instead.  


Eggy McHatch - Our broody mamma named by my beautiful niece.  She is White speckled with black feathers.  I think we will get her a rooster so she can have chicks next year, she will be a lovely mum. 


Princess Sparkles - My niece named this one too on behalf of her sister who was too wee to chose a name.  Princess sparkles is also white but is speckled with brown feathers, she tried to have a go at Coco pops when she was recovering from injury so now Coco Pops fights with her all the time.  She has definitely been put back in her place although her feathers are constantly out of place now!  Sadly left the coop February 2018.

Janury 2018 we took in 3 roudy refugees.  


Busby - Busby who is black with brown speckles around her head and neck, is THE BOSS.  Nothing further to add - just don't mess with her.


TJ - our white lady


Speckles - our Black and white speckled hen.


These three are much bigger and more energetic than the original gang, they lay HUGE brown eggs as opposed to the small greeny blue ones the delicate girls give us.  They all seem to get along fine but still stick to their original groups when hanging around the play ground.

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