The dug


Here she is, it's Pixi pup! 



We got Pixi pup in 2011 when Miss A was a year old.  We wanted to get her a puppy to encourage her to crawl and play.

Pixi is the sweetest softest dog.  She loves a cuddle, especially from the kids.  She puts up with everything and despite some undesirable behaviour on their part, has never ever snapped at either of them.  I'd love to make her stop barking when people come to the house but that is just not going to happen.  She likes to take her self on a walk up the lane and saunter back when I whistle - no rush.  She is best friends with Bronson, who runs rings round her.  They have had separate beds but they always snuggle up together which is really cute.  


Pixi is quite an anxious dog so when things get stressful in the house she likes to cheer us all up by running outside and rolling around in some poop to make her self smell amazing.  This does not cheer me up.  Ever.


She was the best companion when I was pregnant with the Dude, I was signed off work and she never left my side.  


Always in need of a hair cut and so stupid that she often forgets what she is doing and walks into walls (yes, we had her checked apparently she is just that stupid) she has lost a few teeth this way.  We love her anyway!

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