The cat

 Meet Bronson, we are not 'cat people' but this guy came to us to help make sure no uninvited guests made homes in our house and boy oh boy he does his job!  As cats go he is pretty cool, he is great friends with our dog (although he is totally in charge) He enjoys a bath and lets the kids do all sorts to him.  When the Dude was 2 years old I found him dragging Bronson backwards through the house by the tail.  


I have to say I am absolutely beyond unimpressed with the dead carcasses he brings us (these range from bats to moles and all the other more usual bodies) but I guess I appreciate the gesture?!?  He has chilled out a lot on the hunting and fighting front since we had his manliness removed.


He has never scratched any of us and has been a great addition to our family.  Shit, maybe we are cat people!

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