13. October 2017
Super quick blog post tonight before bed. That's us one month in to blogging! Its been lots of fun and everyone has been supportive and kind about it all. Thanks guys! So, I have a few posts planned but I wondered - what are you interested in? I certainly could do with some video practice but I am pretty open and happy to consider any suggestions for blog posts or videos. Night night and lots of love xxx
10. October 2017
Earlier in the month The dude and I traveled to Edinburgh for my friend's wedding. Congratulations again Andrew and Mike! We had an amazing time! Their reception was so well planned. Band were great, food was delicious and the most awesome and beautiful venue. After being married in the Magical Kingdom they stayed with their Disney theme making it extra fabulous. Selfie station with Mouse ears and props a plenty was another special touch and the cake was so so yummy I just don't have enough...
09. October 2017
So things have been as hectic as ever recently and I have been thinking, how will I ever have time to write blog posts, like ever? Anyway, lets give it a go with a run down of the week. Monday was a crazy dash home from Edinburgh, with a drop off item on the way. Made it though, in time for the meeting I had stupidly arranged for that afternoon. I was so looking forward to seeing Miss A after school, until she came in...she wouldn't even speak to me and was really difficult all evening. I ended...
22. September 2017
I know actual mad Friday is a long way off but wow Friday was a little bit crazy! Friday is Hippotherapy day for us (physio therapy on horseback). We love it but its a trek, I collect Miss A from school and travel almost an hour away for it. To start proceedings I cut my finger, on a razor which was in my make up bag (no I don't shave my face, although sometimes it could do with it) I'm thinking it was chucked in there during a tidy up or to keep away from a child, I don't know, all I do know...
22. September 2017
If your kids are also pushing you to the edge, or if you just like cheese you should totally give this a go its ace and really easy. What's in it... A box of Camembert Fresh rosemary (I was a total knob and picked mine from the garden but you can get from a shop) Garlic cloves Ground pepper Olive oil What do I do... Shove your oven on to around 180 ish Take the cheese out of the wrapper and pop it back in the box. Use a knife to put lots of crosses on the top of the cheese. Peel a couple of...
20. September 2017
First week of blogging, done. Thank you all very much for being so supportive its been a great start! To celebrate a week of blogging I'd like to offer you the chance to win a special treat! Be sure to like and follow my facebook page 'Mrs_madhouse' so you don't miss the competition, which I will begin when we reach 200 likes (we are so close!) I can't wait to show you the prize - its gorgeous, I promise its not the Boris cushion! THE COMPETITION IS NOW ON!
19. September 2017
Long awaited by some, this is my version of Patatas Bravas, we call it Tatties Bravas. We like this cold as much as we do hot!
18. September 2017
One of the things that makes me feel super happy is when we all eat the same (or as close to the same as possible) for tea. This can be tricky because of The Dude's food issues but this meal was requested by Miss A and everyone ate really well and even sat at the table together - WIN! So Just thought I'd share our version of Macaroni with you.
17. September 2017
Bye kids! As a parent, is there anything more exciting than an official weekend off? So much prep is required but the feeling of freedom fills me with elation (as you may be able to tell from this photo). Kids activities and food sorted, grandparents briefed, care for animals arranged, gin and jammies packed and off I skip! A care free and sometimes even silent drive down the road followed with a wee lunch stop before stocking up on food and Beveridge supplies. Not a yogurt pouch or carton of...
13. September 2017
Eeeek! So today was the day, I 'went live'! A little bit scary I'm not going to lie. What if my kids start behaving and I have nothing to write about?!? A friend already reassured me that this would never happen, she is probably right. Opening this project up to the wider world was probably the biggest event today but I also spent one of my vouchers won on Ladies day ...

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