24. August 2018
Petit Ferdinand is a lovely French company that creates personalised labels and products. I was asked to review their personalised labels when Freddie started school and here are my thoughts...
07. March 2018
Want a hand in the kitchen AND the chance to win £100 worth of Asda vouchers?
17. December 2017
PHEW! Kids in bed. What a week, we went out as an entire family not once but TWICE this weekend and I would actually like the world to congratulate Boris and I on that. I have to talk a bit about how proud I am of my beautiful girl. Thursday was her School Christmas Show, she was a dancing star along with many of her classmates. The school performed, 'The magical Christmas jigsaw'. As Allissa gets older her awareness, understanding and therefor her anxiety seems to have increased so she...
06. December 2017
I had thought about sharing Allissa's story for a while since I started blogging. Its very personal but one I am always happy to tell anyone who asks, I do tell it in a very quick and removed way though. People are usually interested to hear what happened but often worried about asking questions. Part of my motivation to share her story was also that it might make some new parents going through a similar issue feel that there is always hope and nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to...
06. December 2017
Hi everyone, my name is Jane (one of Linda Jo's best chums.) I wanted to share a story with you,that I could never put on my personal Facebook page, but I feel its worthy of its place. I hear a lot of people say that Facebook and Instagram are terrible for portraying "the Perfect" life in the pictures that people post. Linda-Jo puts herself out there warts and all so I am going to share my "Perfect life" photo in this safe place. I want to tell you the REAL story behind these sweet. relaxed...
01. December 2017
This stuff is so drinkable! I got my Kilner dispenser in the Rage during the summer months - it was under £20 and I love it! I like to make this up a good few hours ahead of time so that all the flavors marry together. The recipe changes depending on what I have lying around but this is roughly it.
27. November 2017
Finally sitting down to draw breath after a crazy weekend that was a little crazier than I realised it was going to be.
27. November 2017
I feel like I have been making these loads lately so time to share our favourite recipe. Bannocks are what we call Scotch pancakes or drop scones. They are thicker than crepes or normal pancakes, much more like the American version. In our house these are a Birthday or Christmas breakfast. Sometimes a weekend treat or following on from a tradition in my husband's childhood, a post sledging snack! Hoping to be making these lots over the festive period.
07. November 2017
I wrote this in November 2017, the event described took place in 2015. I have been too embarrassed to share it until now 2019. I still avoid Lidl.
25. October 2017
Today I spoke along side Dr Valerie Cooper and the inspiring Alison MacDonald at the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) Scottish Supra Regional Conference. The theme this year was Participation. Our presentation was entitled, 'What RDA can do for you'.

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