Mrs Madhouse

 Ok, me.  This is a scary one to write! 


I'm an only child which I think makes my friends even more important to me.  I am not cool, trendy or stylish in anyway, I never have been.  I generally get fashion things just wrong enough to make me look slightly awkward.  I always strive to be healthier but never quite get there for long enough to stop being overweight!  Cakes and carbs are my down fall.  I don't 'define my brows' or 'contour my face' I love make up but I don't wear much, if any, day to day.  I am surrounded by amazing friends who ARE cool, trendy and or stylish,  why do they hang around with me?  I don't know, it is a constant wonder of mine, ssssh lets not ask in case they leave!


I am practical, a make doer, a problem solver, a fixer.  I have always been creative but as my art teacher told my parents ‘she is no artist!’  too clumsy and heavy handed.  I'm great at ideas but usually not so fantastic at their execution!  I'm pretty shit at technology but pretty decent at cooking and baking.


I am a thinker and indeed an over thinker.  I have always lacked in confidence but am a master at covering that fact up.     Positivity and optimism are probably some of my best traits, I am a realist though and I do not do drama.  


I am a rule follower, I can't help it, although I am drawn to those who are far more rebellious than me.  I love a list, a plan and a form or questionnaire, given the amount I am presented with this is a relief.  Photos and recording events makes me happy as does coffee.  Judge Judy is my guilty pleasure.


My home is often messy, nothing matches, loads of stuff we own has been handed down or bought second hand.  Stuff really doesn't matter to me, I'd love to have a beautiful home but I don't need that to make me happy.  I can be quite sentimental though and I love things that have a past or memory connected to them.  Our home is jam packed full of love, laughter, acceptance and kisses (oh and sticky marks).  


As our house is not perfect, neither am I.  I swear, not just a little but a lot, too much.  I overthink, I get anxious, I worry and I get overwhelmed.  I take my stress out on those closest to me, sorry Boris!


However, I am silly, I try not to take myself too seriously, I'm down to earth and try to never be judgmental – even the best people struggle, make mistakes, have an off day and without the full story its not fair to judge someone.  I'm hard working and Loyal.  Loyalty is very important to me as is honesty, fairness and Equality in every aspect of life.


This all sounds a bit serious!  I am just a gype working my way through life trying to do the best I can for the people I love. 



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