The Dude

 Funny, sweet, kind, caring, understanding, rowdy, silly, fun, smart, rude, stubborn oh he is everything!  


This guy is absolutely the light of my life.  I love watching this wee character grow and form.  He is brilliant in every way.


He has his dad's cheekiness and humor but my sensitivity.  He has my looks, his dad's coloring and body shape.  He runs with his feet at '10 and 2' just like his dad which is hilarious.  A huge fan of PJ masks, Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghost Busters, Star Wars, super heros, animals and the colour red.  He loves to sing, dance, cuddle and play but his favourite thing ever is counting and anything to do with maths/numbers.  His favourite number is 6 but 'the perfect number is 10'.


His confidence has soared recently, something which I am really pleased to see, especially as I was such a painfully shy child and had to really work to get through it as a teenager and adult.  Obvs I'm over it now!


Capable of epic tantrums and serious strops - its all part of being a preschooler.  


He has a fantastic imagination, in fact he has been a dog on and off since the 15th of February 2016!  I love when he mixes his words up his favourite saying at the moment is, 'How you doing on mummy?' this is a hybrid between how you doing? and how are you getting on? I love it!  He cracks me up so often.  


Having been a real tomboy as a kid I really enjoy his love of the outdoors and adventure.  Every forest walk is a bear hunt every beach trip a search for treasure.  He loves to be the super hero or be given a mission.  


His trousers are always falling down, his fingers are always up his nose and life is about the joy of farts burps and poops just now, boys are so much fun!  

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