Mr Madhouse


I actually don't know where to start with this guy!


My husband is fucking hilarious, well I think he is.  He cracks me up daily.  We laugh at everything and each other constantly, he likes to shock and toy with 'the line' often.  I must admit, even when he crosses it I find it hard to be seriously mad with him.  He is frustrating and irritating, he LOVES winding me up to the point of explosion before letting on he is joking.  We don't do 'babe' and 'hun' or lovey dovey 'I'm so proud of you' in public, instead he will call me a fanny and push me over.  He will hide for far too long in a cupboard just to jump out and scare the shit out of me and then break down in laughter as I scream at him, then inevitabley join him laughing, he always manages to hug away my rage!  He drives me insane but I simply adore him.  


He is my safe place, my hero and my best friend.  Always supportive, he has absolute faith in me, he thinks I could change the colour of the  sky if I wanted to.  He is such a strong person, never willing to 'pretend' for the sake of politeness.  He simplifies my emotional meltdowns into logical issues to deal with.  He is a great listener, patient and understanding but absolutely takes no shit.  He works so hard for his family and when he is home he doesn't want to be anywhere but with us.  He is an amazing, like fully properly AMAZING Dad.  The kids worship him.


I love that he is such an old school manly man but with all the modern things you would want - equality all the way,  I don't get away with not putting the bins out but then he doesn't get away with not changing nappies or doing his daughters hair so fair enough I guess!  He is the guy everyone goes to, loyal and trustworthy but oh he does loves a gossip (an interest we do not share)!  The best person to have at a party, he has no threshold for embarrassment and is THE BEST DANCER, honestly come on a night out with us (you would have to arrange a sitter) and you will have a sore face from laughing.  


Enough of all that shite though, he is a procrastinator a chancer and he does my head in.  

Our first public outing as a couple.  


A fancy dress party, we went as each other.  


After the party we were refused entry to a nightclub because Boris was wearing a dress.  Did we go home?  NO, we went into an alley way and swapped clothes.  We do not go home early for anyone!


25th April 2009


That was a fun party!


That thumb creeps into every photo.

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