Petit Fernand (again!)

Monday 26 August 2019

Back to school time again and that means new stuff.  

New stuff means name labels - unless you are happy to throw money away and buy more new stuff because even though your little darling cried and whined in the shop because they NEEDED a very specific water bottle in a certain colour with a straw and a button to press to make it open as if by magic (making it 3 times the price), you better believe they still won’t be able to pick out that very special magical and necessary bottle in a line up when stood next to all the other special and magical water bottles in a class room. As for finding their school jumper in amongst the 30 other jumpers of the same size and colour after gym – forget it.   

I did a post last year here on some awesome labels that Petit Fernand sent me, basically saying all good stuff.  So when I was offered a new pack of school labels for each of the children this year I was more than chuffed. 


See the pack I was gifted here.  The labels are beautiful with lots of different colours, fonts and pictures to choose from.  I was able to get some rainbows for Allissa which is her favourite with lots of different purpley backgrounds and text.  Freddie has changed his obsession from dogs - straightforward, to seal pups - random!  Would you bloody believe that I was able to select a seal design for him, like I said, an amazing array of options! 


As before they arrived within a week and came with some cool extra stickers.  I love the wee booklet they come in which keeps them neat and together all year. 

I labelled everything before the kids broke up for school - everything I had that is.  Then I forgot about the whole school thing while I made my way through the summer holidays.  


Skip forward to mid August and the realisation that Freddie still needed a couple of things before going back, his bag was stolen during the holidays so water bottle and jacket had to be replaced and relabelled.  I forgot this until the morning when I was getting everyone ready.  THANK GOODNESS for Petit Fernand!  I grabbed my trusty booklet flipped through to the appropriate label type and just stuck them on.  No mess no stress and no fuss.  Jacket labelled, bottle labelled gym kit (indoor and out) done and oh I better do those new school shoes that cost more than any pair I have bought myself in the past 10 years! 

So its clear to see that I am still in love with these labels, they are a wee bit expensive at £30 for the pack but I think its worth it and I also believe you could get 2 years out of a full booklet.  We still have some left from last year.  The labels are suitable for lunchboxes, bags, shoes and all the clothing/equipment required for the school year.  


Its not only me who loves them, the kids are so happy with them, Allissa loves to see her things al labelled with a rainbow and although she can recognise her own name now, the picture helps her know what belongs to her and Freddie is so proud of his seal pup labels too.  They look great and I can confirm because this is the 2nd year we have used them that they LAST.  All of the items that are being reused since last year are still labelled and wash after wash for a whole year they all remained firmly in place.  

To have a look through the designs and to place an order follow the link


Even if you don't fancy their labels their website is worth a look as they have loads of fun kids activities and printables there

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